What is it?  An innovative way to create a box spring cover with form, function and design. Think, tube top! It’s a circular shape with no corner seams that hugs the box spring and can be applied or removed in a few minutes by only 1 person. The knitted polypropylene fabric is elastic, allowing the wrap to stretch and recover. Our Wrap collection features 2-color jacquard patterns, solid novelty textures and can utilize any of our 30+ colors from our polypropylene and 40 + Plumoso polyester color library to create any custom room design. The Wrap is eco-friendly, cost effective and proudly made in the USA. Hotel management and housekeepers will love it! Contact us to see our installation video.

Easy care

  • Due to the characteristics of the fiber and its wicking capabilities, it resists absorbing water or fluids. 
  • Light soil can be removed by the wipe of a damp cloth without removing the Wrap from the bed. 
  • No stain removers or chemicals are required and the fabric is bleach resistant.
  • The fabric is anti-microbial, mold and bacteria resistant. It does not attract dust or dust mites.

Laundering Instructions

  • Machine wash cold. Mild detergent only. Tumble dry low temp. Do not wash with towels or sheets.
  • Do not exceed 140° for 30 min.  Promptly remove from dryer. Do not pull from machines
  • Fold immediately.  Do not apply heat/iron.

**Failure to comply with these instructions may void manufacturer’s warranty**